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Consumer Unit Replacement – Fuseboard

There have been various developments over the years in fuse boards.

Old rewire-able fuses have been replaced with switchable versions. The latest consumer units have surge protection, RCBO or duel RCD short-circuit protection meaning the power is split in your home.  If you trip out the power/lighting in one part of your property the rest will stay on allowing you to find the problem and get the power back on.

We can replace any old style of consumer unit and replace it with the latest version.  Included in the price we will test and inspect the entire property making sure it it complies with the latest wiring regulations and issue you with a certificate.  Your local council will be informed of the alteration.

Complete / Partial Rewire

If you renovating your property or even adding a few rooms we can design your entire lighting and power system tailored to your needs. It will bring it up the latest 18th Edition requirements making it safer for your family.

Does your property need rewiring or altering?

Things to look out for:

Is you wiring over 15 years old?

Do you still have rewire-able fuses?

No RCD protection?

Do cables or plugs get hot?

Do lights flicker?

Do fuses trip or blow for no reason?

Do you use twisted flex?

Do you have round type plugs and sockets?

Lots of extension leads run throughout the house?

Electrical Fault Finding – Fuses Blowing

Lights not working? No power? Fuses keep tripping? Most faults you will encounter are from a fairly simple cause.  Sometimes these are easy to track down sometimes not.

If you have an electrical fault, we have the expertise and equipment to track it down and make any repairs

Additional Sockets / Lighting / Switches

Whether you need an extra socket in the bedroom, new spot lights in the bath room or you are adding an extension and need all the electrics added we can help you.

All additions and alterations are completed to the highest standards of the Part P regulations. Certificates are issued and notified to the local building control where required.

External Garden Lighting

If you have just had decking put into your garden or you simply want to throw some light onto the patio we can install IP rated fittings at an affordable price.

Need power for that new hot tub in the garden or simply need a socket to plug in the mower instead of running cables out the window.  We can fit waterproof sockets almost anywhere outside.

All external power is protected by RCD’s for added safety.

Home Safety Inspection and Testing

The electrics in your home will suffer from wear and tear over the years or simply get damaged in day to day use.

Damaged or faulty wiring is one of the main causes of fire in the home.  

This can be reduced by simple regular checkups or EICR reports. It will uncover bad workmanship leading to shocks and tripping circuits. Show any overloaded circuits and check the earthing of all parts throughout the property.

However old your wiring might be every property should be inspected and a “condition report” created every 10 years or when you move into a new property.

Home Security

We provide effective security solutions to our clients through professional alarms, CCTV and intruder lighting.

We can install your home with a modern intruder alarm systems using wired, wireless and remote monitored technology.  Systems can take pictures of intruders and send them to your phone.

Cameras can safeguard peace of mind that your property and family is secure.

All movement around you home is recorded on a hard drive and you can view the cameras live at all time on your mobile phone or tablet.  See whats happening at home form anywhere in the world!

Landlord Safety Checks – Home Testing


As a landlord you are responsible for the safety of your tenants.  All wiring, fixings and appliances must be safe from electrical shock and fire.

Under the up-coming regulations, from July 2020 all new or renewed private tenancies in England will need to have all electrical installations inspected and tested by a qualified person before the start of the tenancy. They must then be inspected and tested a minimum of every five years after that, unless the safety report requires it to be done more often.

Tenancies that are already in place or ongoing will have the same rules applied to them from 1 April 2021, so they have slightly more leeway. After this point, the same rules will apply to all private tenancies in England, including HMOs.

Landlords who take on new tenants after 1st July must employ a qualified person to test all electrical fixtures and fittings prior to the new contract. They must obtain a written report of the findings, which they supply to the tenant before they occupy the property, as well as to any new tenants who request one after this point.

The local council has the power to issue a fine of up to £30,000 to landlords who refuse to comply.

Home Efficiency: LED in the Home

We provide and install the latest in LED light fittings.  These fittings are highly efficient  reducing your annual lighting electricity costs by up to 90%.

LED bulbs also last longer than standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs reducing maintenance costs.

The chart below shows how replacing all the old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in your home with LED version can save you money on your electric bill. The chart details the costs involved in comparing a single bulb.

Despite a high initial cost for purchasing the bulbs, the power consumption is much lower saving you money in electricity. Their life span is 50 times longer reducing the need to keep replacing broken bulbs also saving you money in the long run.

We can supply and fit these highly efficient bulbs in your home instantly saving you money from day one.

Home AV and Automation

From installing your new flat screen TV to setting up a complete WIFI controlled sound and lighting system in you home we can customise you a package that suits your needs.

We can integrate every room in your home and every piece of equipment making life simple and efficient.

Lights, heating, blinds, CCTV, alarms and sound in every room can all be controlled from your phone or tablet.

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